Academic Program

The curiculum runs through the concept of whole-person education and is conducive to the improvement of students' comprehensive ability and international vision.

  • Introduction

    Connect our community with the world, bring different education to children, and help them pursue excellence from an early age.

    Shenzhen International Preparatory Curriculum School (SIPC) was established in 2018, located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen Xili in the heart of University City. It provides programs for Kindergarten to Grade 8.



Internationally trained, foreign teachers carrying out lessons

  • Raynard Schneider

    Raynard Schneider

    Principal  Canada

    He has worked in international schools in Canada, Hong Kong and Guangzhou for 24 years. Many years experience of being principal and management. He pays attention to the cultivation of children's academic, artistic and sports qualities, hoping to help children become international complex talent.

  • Mark Jacobsen

    Mark Jacobsen

    Principal of Middle school USA

    Ph.D of Education Leadership, the University of New England Masters of K-12 Education, the University of New England Bachelor of Psychology, Ashford University He has 18 years of education experience and was served as a high school principal for 7 years at Thai International School. He has considerable education experience in the US core curriculum and AP projects.

  • Katherine Sharp

    Katherine Sharp

    Primary School Teacher UK

    Bachelor Degree in Primary Education, Queensland University of Technology 5 years’ teaching experience. She grew up in Hong Kong. Between graduating and going to University, she volunteered at her old primary school, helping the PE teacher and shadowing a TA. She chose to go to university in Queensland, Australia where she was able to visit her Grandparents who live in New Zealand And continue to volunteer at pictures during her holidays. After graduating she moved to the UK to teach various KS2 classes for 3 years in London.

  • Geoffrey Corcoran

    Geoffrey Corcoran

    Maths/Science Teacher Ireland

    Master of Education in Hibernia College, Dublin Bachelor of Science in National University of Ireland 3 years’ teaching experience. He comes from Sligo, Ireland and completed a He just spent two years teaching Science in Al Wakrah, Qatar in an all boys school and helped the school register itself as a fully accredited International School by the Ministry of Education. 

  • Guillaume Maheux

    Guillaume Maheux

    World History /World Geography Teacher Canada

    Bachelor of Social Sciences especially Political sciences, History, Geography, International Relations, Economics and Languages, University of Ottawa in Canada 13 years’ teaching experience. He loves travelling. He has been to more than 25 countries and he is very interested about world's culture. He arrived in Shenzhen, China at the beginning of 2010. He is a passionate teacher of Social studies and Chinese culture. He believes that education is the key to success.

  • Ross Foley

    Ross Foley

    Primary School Teacher  Ireland

    B. Ed in Primary education from St, Patrick's College 11 years teaching experience. He has taught in Abu Dhabi primary school, and has spent the last two years teaching in China, mostly based in Shenzhen.

  • Tiarra Pereda

    Tiarra Pereda

    USA (IPC Teacher )

    Bachelor of Science Education (BSE), University of Central Missouri, USA. 4 years’teaching experience. She spent a lot of time volunteering with kids as a camp counselor, after-school programs and working as a summer camp director for the YMCA. She has teaching experience in US and Shenzhen.

  • Megan Christy

    Megan Christy

    UK(IPCT teacher)

    BAHons English Literature degree from The University of the West of England. She has lived and taught in Shenzhen for the last 3 years. In her spare time she enjoys reading, sports and loves to travel.


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